Envision Capital is a leading private equity firm in China. Founding team of Envision co-founded Natixis Private Equity Asia (subsidiary of Natixis SA, the second largest financial institution of France) in 2002 and was one of the earliest practioners in Chinese PE space, with exceptional investment performance. Core team member left Natixis and founded Envision Capital in 2009 as an independent investment platform, featuring international perspective as well as deep roots in local market. Currently Envision team has raised and managed three Rmb-denominated direct investment funds.


Envision Investment Philosophy´╝Ü

We focus on quality of investments rather than quantity
We strive to identify potential of sustainable growth
We do not diversify our business outside private equity investment
We try to be prudent on every dollar our LPs entrust to us
We do not take short cut on due diligence process
We weigh margin of safety against potential return on every decision
We strive to accummulate visionary insights on industries we focus on
We strive to provide value-add service to our portfolio companies for their sustainable growth